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What is Salesforce Experience Cloud? Everything you need to know!

SFDC Experience Cloud, also known as Community Cloud or Partner Portal, empowers businesses to create tailored digital experiences for their stakeholders. Implementing Experience Cloud for Salesforce is just 3 steps! Explore diverse use cases, features, & more to elevate your digital experiences


Salesforce SharePoint Integration with CloudFiles

Discover how CloudFiles streamlines SharePoint for Salesforce users, enhancing productivity with practical features and use cases.


Automatic Folder Hierarchies for External File Management from Salesforce Objects

Discover CloudFiles for Automated Folders in Salesforce - solve the challenges of manual foldering & easy navigation within Salesforce.


HubSpot Analytics Report for E-mail Attachment using CloudFiles

Discover CloudFiles for HubSpot marketers - addressing file analytics challenges in email campaigns, providing enhanced marketing intelligence.


5 Best Tools in Salesforce for Seamless Business Operations

Dive into AppExchange's top tools to enhance your Salesforce experience, optimizing file management, agreement processes & customer engagement


Salesforce Google Drive Integration Made Easy!

Optimise Salesforce Google Drive integration with CloudFiles with easy setup! Overcome Files Connect's limitations for seamless file management.


The Ultimate Guide to Salesforce SharePoint Integration

Explore everything you need to know about Salesforce SharePoint integration, also Salesforce Files Connect setup, top 3rd party file connectors


Organized and secure file sharing on Salesforce Community by Bridgepointe

Check out how Bridgepointe used CloudFiles to automate their folder hierarchy and share files seamlessly with their Salesforce community users.


File Collateral Validation using CloudFiles Analytics in HubSpot: Achieving a 15% Boost in Lead Conversions at ROBO Global

ROBO Global uses CloudFiles with HubSpot to streamline their content distribution and collect & push analytics to the right place


10 Common Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Discussion on 10 common mistakes done in email marketing with bonus tips. Get acquainted with common errors, can improve the conversions of your email marketing campaigns.


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