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**Tiered pricing for teams greater than 5 members (Contact Us)


Yearly(Save 20%)

  • Free

    For individuals with a small & personal use-case



    Start Your Free Trial

    Key Features

    • - Upload all file types
    • - 5 file uploads / user / month
    • - Limited analytics (5 views / link)
    • - Basic link security features
    • - Lead collection
  • Business

    For teams which need advanced features and more analytics


    / user / month


    / user / month

    Start Your Free Trial

    Key Features

    • - Everything in Free, and
    • - Unlimited uploads
    • - Advanced link security features
    • - Limited analytics (100 views / link)
    • - Custom sub-domain
    • - Integrations
  • Enterprise

    For companies which need custom features & branding

    Contact Us

    Contact Us

    Key Features

    • - Everything in Business, and
    • - Custom domain & branding
    • - Unlimited analytics
    • - API access
    • - Customizations

Compare Plans

    • Feature
    • Free
    • Business
    • Enterprise
    • File Uploads

    • 5 / user / month

    • Unlimited

    • Unlimited

    Number of files that a user can upload into the CloudFiles content library
    • Datarooms

    • 2

    • Unlimited

    • Unlimited

    Number of datarooms that a user can create and share links for
    • Links per file

    • 1

    • Unlimited

    • Unlimited

    Number of links that can be created for a single file
    • Views per link

    • Unlimited

    • Unlimited

    • Unlimited

    Number of times a file link can be accessed. Your shared links always remain alive irrespective of your plan.
    • Analytics

    • 5 views / link

    • 100 views / link

    • Unlimited

    Detailed analytics includes email, geographic information, number of views / email, session information, view time and more... After the limit is reached, the data keeps collecting but you will have to upgrade license to view / export it.
    • Replace files

    You can replace your files without changing the link. This lets you make minor updates easily without having to re-send the document to the clients again.
    • Deep folder hierarchy

    Organize your files into deep folder hierarchy and move the files across folders as per your business use-case
    • Disable file download

    You can disable file downloading so that your prospects can't make a local copy of the file
    • De-activate link

    Set link offline anytime through a simple toggle. Your clients will not be able to view / download the file while the link is offline
    • Export Analytics

    Export detailed analytics for every link into a CSV file for further processing. Useful for qualifying leads, revenue operations etc...
    • Set link expiry

    Expire links based on conditions such as number of views, time etc... This helps with additional control and security of the link
    • Password protection

    Set a password to block unintended access of your files
    • Block / allow emails & domains

    Restrict link access to specific emails or company domains for additional security
    • Email Authentication

    Have your clients login through google / outlook or verify their email with a one-time code in their inbox for accessing your files
    • Integrations

    Use CloudFiles integrations in HubSpot / Salesforce etc... Allows for better adaptibility.
    • Custom sub-domain

    Use a sub-domain such as yoursite.cloudfil.es to share your files
    • Custom domain

    Use a custom domain such as docs.yoursite.com to share your files
    • Custom branding

    Use your own logo on the CloudFiles viewer
    • API Access

    Use the CloudFiles API in your tech stack to automate document workflows and enhance file sharing capabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Will my links become unavailable after hitting the limits / trial end?

    No. We never take your links offline. Your links are always alive and we continue to collect analytics on those links even after you hit the limits or downgrade your plan.

  • What is limited analytics in free & business license?

    Limited analytics applies in case of Free or Business licenses where you will be able to see detailed analytics for a limited number of views. This means that you won't be able to see the email or time spent on the document for all the unique viewers of your file. You can always retrieve this data by upgrading your license appropriately.

  • Can I have custom domain & branding on my links?

    Yes. You need an enterprise license for custom domain and branding. We can add your logo to the viewer & also enable a custom URL to be included in your file links. For details, check this article.