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CloudFiles for Salesforce

Mirror your cloud storage (Google drive, OneDrive, Box & Dropbox), turn your files into links, configure security settings and access control, share with your clients, collect analytics and streamline your processes. CloudFiles helps you make your files your most efficient selling tools.

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File Links

Convert Files Into Secure & Trackable Links

Turn any file into a powerful link which can be shared anywhere. Take link offline, toggle file downloadability, collect viewer's email address, authenticate email, restrict access to specific emails or domains. Files can be uploaded & links can be configured from any Salesforce Object.

Mirror Storage

Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox & Salesforce

Mirror content with 2-way sync from popular cloud storages. Convert your existing cloud storage into a powerful file sharing tool. If you don't use a cloud storage, we offer 10GBs of free storage per user and S3 retail prices thereafter ($0.023 / GB).

Apex & Process Builder

Customize & Automate with APEX API & Process Builder Support

Interact with files, links & analytics using apex API. Create apex triggers on events like file created, viewed, downloaded, time spent etc... Use these events in process builder to create powerful automations with your documents at the center.

Datarooms in communities

Share & Receive multiple files from clients

Create a dataroom by adding different files & folders as content. Create and configure multiple secure links for your dataroom. Add file requests block to receive files from your users and upload them to specific folders of your drive. Fully integrated with Salesforce communities.

Detailed Analytics

Gauge buyer Interest through Detailed Analytics

View analytics on your files, links, unique viewers and even individual sessions. Get total & unique views, downloads, time spent and per-page analytics. Customize, export & connect to revenue. All of this analytics can be associated to and accessed from any Salesforce object.


Enterprise Features For Large Teams

Need white labelling & advance features? Use custom domain & your own branding, integrate with on-premise storage and get API access. We offer customizations as well.

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