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Collateral tracking, reporting & alignment for marketers

CloudFiles offers detailed and drill-down analytics on live collateral shared by marketing teams. It also provide a way to align with sales teams and get content reporting.

Collateral tracking, reporting & alignment for marketers
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Full automation support for all the use-cases

CloudFiles offers a variety of Salesforce, HubSpot & API-based automation components that can together create automated implementations for each of the use-cases mentioned -

  1. HubSpot list filtering, workflow triggers & actions
  2. Salesforce custom objects, flow components & apex support
  3. Rest & Javascript API for backend automations

Useful for all types of marketing collateral

With the vast variety of features offered, CloudFiles can provide something for every type of document in the marketing-sales-service cycle.

Marketing Collateral

Access latest marketing content by connecting to the content library through an easy to use interface. Access multiple libraries and once and download the latest content always.

Proposals & Quotes

Share proposals as secure & insightful links. Track analytics, get notifications and follow-up accordingly. Easily replace content without needing to re-send the file.

Contracts & Service Docs

Consolidate libraries and access from the right. Access old documents easily. Revoke client access or send updates about new changes using file portals.

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Gating content to collect emails and other lead info

Gate your PDFs & PPTs and collect verified leads using CloudFiles lead generation forms. Restrict access & collect authenticated users by using security on your CloudFiles links.

  1. Upload or sync your content to CloudFiles using the content library
  2. Create sharing links for your content and enable email / form collection on those links
  3. Set other security & analytics settings as required
  4. Share links on website and other channels and see the leads and analytics data gather
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Collecting personalized analytics without gating content

Collect personalized analytics on ungated content links using various lead qualificiation features offered by the CloudFiles app. Useful for email, form-based and customer marketing.

  1. Use email parameter bypass in CloudFiles url to automatically register personalized analytics in email marketing
  2. Use various tracking code and script insertion features on document pages to get personalized visitor analytics
  3. Talk to us about your use-case and we can help you figure out the best process of sharing your files

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