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Remove CloudFiles Limits For Free

You can remove a number of limits and get access to premium CloudFiles features for free by helping us curate your use-case. Check this page on why curation is required, what you will get after curating your free account and what you need to do to curate your account.

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What can you get for free after curation?

Unlimited Views & more analytics

Distribute content freely. Collect more analytics for better insights. Works best for documents & media files.

Larger files & more file types

Get access to restricted file types or larger file sizes on the free account. CloudFiles offers great performance for rendering large files.

Premium security & analytics features

Are you an individual with a small use-case where CloudFiles fits in perfectly. Get access to certain premium features by describing your use-case.

Why do we curate before removing limits for free?

CloudFiles curates its free links for various security and performance reasons. However, we still want to offer unlimited file hosting and data collection for genuine users & use-cases.

Avoid Misuse

Sharing malicious, objectionable, illegal, pirated or any other type of objectionable material is not allowed under our terms of service.

Avoid Abuse

CloudFiles only allows large-scale video streaming or distribution of large non-renderable files on its paid plans or post curation.

Support Community

While responsibly avoiding misuse ad abuyse, we still want to serve genuine file sharing use-cases that fit our philosophy. Hence the curation.

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Steps you need to take for curation...

You need to fill out the form below to request curation. You can read the descriptions of each of the form fields below -

  1. Name, email - Self explanatory. Work emails work best but personal are acceptible.
  2. Link - Paste one link. If you have multiple, add in comments section.
  3. Use-case - Be descriptive here. More information helps us curate faster.
  4. Comments - Anything else? E.g. if you have multiple links with similar use-case

Curation Form For Limit Removal

Here is the 2-minute self curation form to remove limits on your CloudFiles links for free. Fill out the boxes below and thats it. You are done.





Comments (if any)

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Steps we take for curation...

Once you have submitted the form as described above, we take the following steps to curate your use-case and account -

  1. We verify if the name and email provided match. Work emails work best.
  2. We check the link and read your use-case to confirm if the requirements match
  3. We verify that the use-case does not violate our policies
  4. We send an email to you once your use-case is approved and account upgraded
  5. We may send out requests for more information in some cases too

Who should apply for curation?

Individuals with personal or professional use-cases

If you are an individual and need access to certain features to satisfy you use-case, you may be able to use them on the free plan.

Small businesses distributing sales or marketing material

If you are a small business and have only limited material that you want to share, you can use this tool. You can get more detailed analytics as well.

Those who need 'just one little' feature

If you have a simple file sharing use-case and want just a little feature to get it up and going, you can use this tool.

Who should not apply for curation?

Malicious or objectionable use-case

Distribution of any type of malicious software, pirated material, pornographic or violent material and any material that violates the law is not allowed.

Video Streaming or EXE / ZIP distribution

While this is allowed on our paid plans, due to our fair usage policy, we generally do not allow this on the free plans

Users on paid licenses

Anyone with advanced file sharing, analytics and security needs should upgrade to one of our paid plans which does not require curation.

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