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S3 Cost Calculator

How much does Amazon S3 cost? This S3 Cost Calculator will help you estimate your monthly and yearly storage costs using Amazon S3.

New files uploads / month


Avg. file size (MBs)

Tip: You can do multiple calculations if you have very different file sizes.


Avg. monthly views

In a month, how many total views do you expect to get on all your files?

Your S3 storage cost

$0.08 / month

$0.97 / year

How it works?

This is an Amazon S3 cost calculator which can help estimate S3 storage costs using a variety of factors such as files uploaded per month, size of files, external sharing metrics etc... The calculator considers S3 cost per GB as stated on the official Amazon website. To calculate your S3 costs, simply move the bars to desired location and get your final costs.
By defaut the calculator shows some values for the sliders. These values are based on a typical marketing use-case.

Uploads per month

A marketing team may be creating 5-10 new decks new each month including case-studies, e-books and other collateral.

Avg. file size

Marketing decks vary in size. Files with heavy graphics (PDFs, PPTs) are usually more than 5 MB. Videos may be even heavier. We took an average file size of 10 MB for our use-case

Avg. monthly file views

Marketing collateral usually gets a lot of eyeballs. It is reasonable to expect 100-200 monthly views on such files.

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