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The Best Virtual Data Room is right here !

CloudFiles provides you with the right Data Room that your business requires, with sufficient configurations to let your teams share sensitive files securely. Share all your files with a single link as a customer portal. Get deep page by page analytics on all your documents.

Available on all CloudFiles licenses and all HubSpot tiers


What is a Virtual Data Room (VDR)?

“A virtual Data Room (VDR) is a secure online repository for document storage and controlled distribution. It’s a storage space that multiple authorized people can access simultaneously. It’s meant to share your documents in it’s finalized state without any further requirements of editing.”


Who should get a Virtual Data Room?

Anyone and everyone who deals in sensitive documents or uploads anonymous files that require best security for thier files should use CloudFiles Data Rooms. If you deal with M&A, legal matters, or are involved with audits and compliances or simply raising capital, a Data Room is for you.


Features that your team will love ❤️

Cloud Mirror sync feature will allow your team to get your sensitive files from a variety of sources, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, One Drive or even your local computer all at once place. No need to spend hours multitasking and get everything at just the click of a button.


Clogged Inbox is a thing of the past

File Request that must have feature that will let your collaborators share their files into your data Rooms. Just forget about email attachments, and the painful process of downloading and moving your files into different folders.


Not bound to storage limitations

CloudFiles offers the best storage plans in business for all your documentation needs. Trust us, it’s more than you’ll ever need.


Enable various security settings on the file link

Disable download, pre-set link expiry, enable email authnetication, allow / block access to specific emails or domains and many more security settings...

What makes CloudFiles So powerful?

CloudFiles will come to wherever your precious files are present.

Integrations with your native HubSpot and Salesforce accounts makes CloudFiles a strong contender for your file storage and sharing needs. Your teams do not have to learn to use yet another software to conduct simple tasks.

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