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Managing SharePoint Files in Salesforce easily with CloudFiles

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Automation & Sharing for files in Salesforce

The Salesforce-CloudFiles integration provides various touchpoints inside Salesforce including widgets, cuetom objects, apex, flow actions and a whole lot more to enable file automations & sharing.

Automation & Sharing for files in Salesforce
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Full automation support for all the use-cases

CloudFiles offers a variety of Salesforce custom objects, flow components & apex support that can together create automated implementations for each of the use-cases mentioned -

  1. Custom objects for views, links, attachments for reproting & flows
  2. Flow actions and templates to make no-code file automations
  3. Copious Apex APIs to customize the tool as per your requirement

Useful for each & every Salesforce User

CloudFiles addresses a number of file related pain points for sales, marketing as well as service teams using Salesforce.

For Sales

Access latest content easily from any Salesforce object. Associate files and folders for later use. Use analytics to improve follow-ups and conversions. Automate processes using workflows.

For Marketing

Generate leads and gather analytics on existing leads for better qualififcation. Push data into Salesforce and use flows & reports for better tracking.

For Service

Consolidate libraries and access from the right Salesforce objects. Share files and folders as datarooms and receive files from clients and automate Salesforce processes.

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Connect live folders from cloud storages on Salesforce objects

CloudFiles Folder connect widget lets users see the contents of a folder on a widget on any Salesforce object. The folder can be in any cloud storage. Users can also search, preview and perform a host of other operations. Folder connection can be automated as well.

  1. Dedicated widget that shows folder content on any standard or custom Salesforce object
  2. Folder can be in Sharepoint, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, S3 etc…
  3. Upload files, preview, create sub-folders, search, move, rename or open in cloud storage all from Salesforce
  4. Folder connection can be automated on object creation / updation using simple flow actions
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Transfer Salesforce files automatically & manually to cloud storages

CloudFiles offers various widgets to transfer files to any cloud storage manually as well as automatically.

  1. Use various widgets provided by CloudFiles to transfer files to any cloud storage
  2. Works with Google Drive, OneDrive, SharePoint, Box, Dropbox and Amazon AWS S3
  3. Use flow actions to specify destination and transfer files automatically

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