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The Hubspot-CloudFiles integration enables a host of file related use-cases in HubSpot that were not previously possibly. Read on to understand the most common ones on this page...

Create & access cloud folders from HubSpot records. Share content with security policies. Track marketing collateral and even receive files.
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Full automation support for all the use-cases

CloudFiles offers a variety of HubSpot list filters, workflow triggers and workflow actions that can together create automated implementation for each of the use-cases mentioned -

  1. Dynamic & static list filtering based on views / downloads / uploads etc...
  2. Trigger workflows based on similar conditions and perform operations...
  3. Workflow actions that can create folders, attach files and even share automatically...

Useful for each & every HubSpotter

CloudFiles addresses a number of file related pain points for sales, marketing as well as service teams using HubSpot.

For Sales

Access latest content easily from any HubSpot record. Associate files and folders for later use. Use analytics to improve follow-ups and conversions. Automate processes using workflows.

For Marketing

Generate leads and gather analytics on existing leads for better qualififcation. Push data into HubSpot and use workflows & lits for better reporting.

For Service

Consolidate libraries and access from the right HubSpot records. Share files and folders as datarooms and receive files from clients and automate HubSpot processes.

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Create & associate files & folders with HubSpot records

CloudFiles provides live, 2-way synced access to various cloud drives. You can associate files & folders on HubSpot records & go into your cloud drives for editing instantly with a single click. You can automate the creation and association as well using HubSpot workflow actions provided by CloudFiles.

  1. Connect to Google Drive, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Box or Dropbox or use our own free AWS S3 storage
  2. Associate live files & folders with contact, company, deal or ticket records. One-click to directly go to the cloud drive
  3. Upload files & create folders from record itself. Changes instantly 2-way synced with cloud drive
  4. Automatically create folders and clone files when records are created / updated using HubSpot workflow actions
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External Content Sharing with security policies from HubSpot

CloudFiles enables you to create powerful external sharing links on top of files & folders in cloud drives. You can set security settings on these and collect analytics right from HubSpot records. individual workflow actions provide automation support for these as well.

  1. Create sharing links for files, folder & datarooms from any HubSpot record
  2. Add files & folders into datarooms from different cloud storages for consolidated sharing
  3. Add security settings on link before sharing
  4. Use workflow actions to create, configure & copy the sharing link into HubSpot property
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File analytics & reporting useful for various distribution strategies

CloudFiles offers various features useful for email marketing, post-form submission content distribution as well as tracking source of leads. This enables you to collect personalized tracking and create reports even without gating the content.

  1. Central library to maintain all the shared collateral and multiple links per collateral
  2. Add simple url parameter to collect personalized analytics on email campaigns without content gating
  3. Add HubSpot cookie to document pages for even better analytics and campaign tracking
  4. Use auto-generated properties to track source. Use lists and workflows for lead segmentation & scoring.
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Request files from customers, transfer to cloud & get notifications

File sharing is a two-way street. CloudFiles allows you to even request files from your customers using the file request features. You can transfer these files to any cloud drive and even trigger workflows to perform actions when files are received.

  1. Use File request blocks in datarooms to request files from customers.
  2. Set destination of file request blocks to transfer uploads into any cloud drive automatically
  3. See the uploaded files right from HubSpot records
  4. Trigger workflows on receiving files to send internal as well as external notifications
  5. Automate the whole process to achieve fully functional file portals

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