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Secure File Sharing for Business

What is CloudFiles?

CloudFiles is a web-service that provides secure file sharing for business. It converts your files into secure CloudFiles Links that can be shared via emails, chat etc. It provides multiple security options such as password security, disabling downloads, email verification, one click file status update, pre-defined link expiry limits etc.

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How to use CloudFiles ?

Step 1: Upload your Files
Step 2: Create CloudFiles Links
Step 3: Set Security Settings
Step 4: Share


Why does your business need file analytics?

If you are a B2B business in the 21st Century, your digital assets are a major channel for your client to learn more about your product. It’s an essential means for your customers to smoothly move through your marketing and sales funnels.
With such importance to your files, your business needs quantifiable customer engagement data. CloudFiles provides you with secure file sharing for business and everything you need to share your files seamlessly.
Want to know how this helps? Checkout this case study from the digital marketing industry


Keep ownership of your business files

Ensuring your file only reaches it’s right audience is essential to ensure that your business secrets remain with your trusted external stakeholders. If a competitor gets hold of your sensitive pricing documents or other private document it could be detrimental for your business.
Here’s where CloudFiles’ best in class secure file sharing for business comes in handy.


Make life easier by setting up automations in your CRM

CloudFiles provides free accounts along with licenses meant for serious business use with our business and enterprise plans.
You don’t need a credit card for the free license or during the trial period.

unbelievably powerful

Move beyond your local storage

CloudFiles provides you with sufficient storage place for your business to ensure usability. We offer best in industry storage plans meant for secure file sharing for businesses. Additionally, if your business already has an AWS storage space, you can connect it to your CloudFiles account and enjoy the benefits of using your existing Cloud Drive Storage space.

CloudFiles DataRooms

One Link, Multiple Files, Request Files

CloudFiles data rooms provides a secure space for your confidential documents for controlled sharing with your trusted associates or external business partners. Maintain control during your temporary collaborations, due diligence process or simply anything related to secure external file sharing. File Requests is an additional feature that helps you solve the pain of downloading and sorting files manually from email attachments.

Enterprise Features

Business Processes Simplified

Do you want your own custom branding with white labelling on the CloudFiles viewer? Or are you looking to implement CloudFiles along with your existing solutions? Get API access to CloudFiles and get it integrated with your on-premise solution on CloudFiles enterprise licenses.

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