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Cloud Drive Mirroring with CloudFiles.

CloudFiles converts your files into CloudFiles links with security settings which can be shared via the emails, instant messaging etc. CloudFiles allows multiple upload options starting from your local storage to cloud based drives like Google Drive, One Drive, Dropbox and Box.

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Google Drive Extended

Google Drive File Sharing with CloudFiles

If Google Drive is your primary place of storing your documents and you need more functionality while sharing your files. We recommend you to try out Cloud Mirror Sync with CloudFiles. The additional security controls ensure that you maintain the ownership of your files.

Boost Dropbox Experience

DropBox File Sharing with CloudFiles

Dropbox is the go to software for many businesses thanks to their many business oriented features. However, if your team has multiple Cloud based drives, the CloudFiles cloud mirror storage would be your go to solution to manage all the drives.


Box File Sharing with CloudFiles

Box Drive has features that allow teams to co-ordinate and work collaborate seamlessly. But if your partners have different Cloud based drives, it becomes expensive or time consuming to collate files before sharing them. It’s important for your business to ensure that the latest files are being used, here’s where the Cloud sync comes into picture.

Collaborate better in OneDrive

OneDrive File Sharing with CloudFiles

OneDrive has some of the best collaborative features, if your business teams use Microsoft office packages. However, if you’re collaborating with external stakeholders or vendors that have a different Cloud based drive, the sharing part of your files becomes difficult. CloudFiles can help your teams collaborate across drives.

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