A powerfully integrated content library

The CloudFiles Content Library provides an instant two-way sync with any cloud storage and add a powerful layer of sharing & automations on top of it.

A powerful content library that instantly syncs with Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Sharepoint and AWS S3

Sync, Organize & Work your files at a single place

Instantly connect Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, Box, Sharepoint or AWS S3. Consolidate your files at one place. Move them across, create sharing links, track analytics and automate.

Everything at one place

Files & folders from any cloud drive are instanly synced. When any team member updates any file, the latest versions are available in CloudFiles.

Respects your permissions

CloudFiles requires user login into cloud drives and maintains permission hierarchy when they access files, thus respecting cloud permissions.

Easy to get started

It takes hardly a minute to register, connect and see your live libraries in CloudFiles. Not only is the app easy to get started, but it is intuitive to use as well.

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Sync files instantly with a single click

CloudFiles uses metadata of the files to ensure that your files are served instantly when viewed in the CloudFiles content library. Retrieve files quickly by connecting your drive with a single click.

  1. Single click login into any cloud storage
  2. Metadata synced instantly. Preview, edit, go to, share and more...
  3. Works with Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, SharePoint, AWS S3
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Continuous two-way sync by design

Sync files from various cloud-based drives like SharePoint, Google Drive, One drive, Dropbox, and Box. Files stay up-to-date with 2 way sync whenever a change install made on either side

  1. Changes in cloud storage synced instantly
  2. Upload / create folders in CloudFiles, see in cloud storage
  3. It is a two-way sync by design
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Best way to move files across cloud storages

CloudFiles can move your files across Google Drive, One Drive, SharePoint, DropBox, Box. Migration of large file storages can be automated using CloudFiles.

  1. Move files from any cloud to any cloud
  2. Button to move files & folders manually with single click
  3. Automations available for large-scale migrations. Contact Us.
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A deeply integrated file-sharing experience

Sharing files using CloudFiles provides security and deep analytical insights into your documents. With powerful CRM integrations, you can automate your file management and sharing.

  1. Create & configure secure sharing links
  2. Track detailed & drilldown analytics
  3. Automate using Salesforce and HubSpot apps
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CloudFiles content library is intuitive and easy to master

With a CloudFiles account, you can login to your cloud libraries with a single click. The files show up instantly and you can get to work in a few easy steps -

  1. Create an account with CloudFiles. You can also install it in your HubSpot or Salesforce
  2. Go to content library tab, select your library and click Connect
  3. Standard login of the cloud library takes place in a new tab. Your files show up instantly

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