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Convert word doc, ppt, excel, media files and pdf to link

Drag & Drop file to create a link for a pdf and view pdf online in browser. Works the same for word documents, ppts, excel files, images & media files as well.

Uploaded files are stored as per CloudFiles Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.


How do file links work?

Viewing files as links works exactly the same way as normal files, without the hassle of downloading.

  1. Clicking on file link opens a web page
  2. Web page brings the file from a server
  3. Web page renders the file in the browser itself
  4. Web page can track analytics, apply security etc...




A pdf link creator that works for all files

This tool first converts .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, .txt etc... in pdf like formats and then uses its pdf online viewer features to render them. The tool also works for images, videos & more...

To share document online

By converting documents such as docs, powerpoint presentations, excel files and pdf to link etc... these can be rendered in the browser and the user can online view pdf without needing to download it.

To view media online

Images and media files can also be rendered and shown in the browser itself. We support various formats such as .mp4, .avi, .jpg etc...

Other file formats

CloudFiles supports all types of file formats for secure & insightful file sharing. This includes exes, zips as well. These are available on account verification or paid plans.

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Password protect your files

Password protect for PDFs, excels, Word Docs, CSVs, PPTs and media files. Create a password protected link for pdfs and all other files.

Disable downloads on files

Tool to disable downloads on pdf, word document, excel, powerpoint and all other formats with an online file viewer that has download disabled

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How much does Amazon S3 cost? This S3 Cost Calculator will help you estimate your monthly and yearly storage costs using Amazon S3.

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Convert PDFs to link in few quick steps -

If you have ever wondered the simplest answer to how to create a link for a pdf and see it online, here it is. These steps are for pdfs however, they can apply to share docs, ppts, excels and media files online as well -

  1. Upload your pdf file in the upload area above
  2. The PDF link creator will create a link to online view pdf
  3. Open link in browser & see your file in the online viewer for pdf

Is link sharing better than sending files?

By sharing a PDF as a link (or any other file for that matter), you retain ownership of your document. This enables various security, analytics & actionability benefits.

Better Control

Changing the link settings changes the file behavior. Replacing content & revoking access can be done even after sending.

Security & Analytics

Control over viewer email, authentication, download & access secures the file. Tracking of file opens, downloads, location & other data gives visibility.

Other Benefits...

Adding widgets such as chat for interacting with viewers, running automations when files are viewed and many more features can be added.


File Security, Interactivity, Analytics & Automation

CloudFiles lets you mirror your existing files from Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Sharepoint or local directory. It then lets you add security, interactivity, analyitcs & automations to make these files smarter.

  1. Connect any cloud storage or upload from local directory
  2. Disable downloads, add password, set expiry or require email
  3. Collect opens, downloads, pagewise analytics and other details...
  4. Get notification on file views. Automate using various integration options...

The best tool to share document online

With file security, analytics, interactivity & automations, CloudFiles offers the best pdf to url converter and an online viewer for pdf that works for all types of documents. PDFs, Docs, PPTs and even an excel online viewer

Online view PDF

The CloudFiles online PDF viewer answers the age-old question on how to share a pdf as a link. By letting their viewers view pdf online, the tool user can further disable download, collect emails and do a lot of stuff with these powerful CloudFiles links.

Word docs viewer online

CloudFiles can act as an word viewer online since it converts microsoft word documents into PDFs and serves them through a link to share word document online. The docs work the same way as online PDFs. Thus this tool is able to open word documents online

Microsoft powerpoint viewer online

Ever wondered how to send a powerpoint presentation without all the hassles of microsoft online? CloudFiles viewer converts powerpoint into PDFs and renders it in the browser. This online ppt viewer supports both .ppt & .pptx thus acting as a secure pptx viewer online.

Microsoft excel online viewer

If you are wondering how to share excel file online without the hassles of microsoft account, you are not alone. CloudFiles has partnered with Microsoft to get the official microsoft xls online viewer. Thus rendering offline excel files in a browser can be done seamlessly and exactly.

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