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Password protect on excel, pdf, word docs, ppts & media files

Drag & Drop file to add password protect for pdf and create a password protected file link. Works the same to password protect word documents, excel files, ppts, images & video files.

Uploaded files are stored as per CloudFiles Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

A pdf password protector that works for all files

This tool first converts .doc, .docx, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, .txt etc... in pdf like formats and then uses its pdf protector features to render them behind a password wall. The tool also works for images, videos & more...

To add password protect on excel

The tool offers a native excel online viewer that can add password to excel. The online viewer only shows the excel file after the user has entered the password. Thus it answers the old questions of how to pw protect an excel file

To password protect word document

The tool accurately converts word doc to pdf format and add a password wall to view it. Thus it can password protect word doc easily. This makes it the perfect tools to send documents securely.

Ever wondered how to pw protect a pdf

This pdf password protector offers great support for PDFs. Duh!. Not only can it place a PDF behind a password protected link, thus in essence, protecting pdf with password, we are also going to add pdf encryption too.

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This pdf link creator converts doc, ppt & excel and shows in browser using its pdf online viewer. Even view excel files online using this tool.

Disable downloads on files

Tool to disable downloads on pdf, word document, excel, powerpoint and all other formats with an online file viewer that has download disabled

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How to add password to pdf for free -

The following steps cover PDFs, however the tool works exactly the same way to password protect excel document, word docs and even password protect powerpoint files. You can see the steps for these other formats by scrolling to the bottom -

  1. Upload your pdf file in the upload area above
  2. The PDF password protector will create a gated link to view your file in browser
  3. Open link in browser & enter the password to see the pdf


File Security, Interactivity, Analytics & Automation

CloudFiles lets you mirror your existing files from Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, Sharepoint or local directory. It then lets you add security, interactivity, analyitcs & automations to make these files smarter.

  1. Connect any cloud storage or upload from local directory
  2. Disable downloads, add password, set expiry or require email
  3. Collect opens, downloads, pagewise analytics and other details...
  4. Get notification on file views. Automate using various integration options...
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How to pw protect an excel file for free -

If you have ever wondered how to password protect an excel file online without dealing with microsoft online accounts, this tool is for you. Follow the steps below to add password to your excel files using this tool for free -

  1. Upload your excel or csv file in the upload area above
  2. The tool will create a gated link to add password protect on excel file
  3. Open link in browser & enter the password to see the excel in microsoft online viewer
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How to pw protect a word document for free -

This tool can not only add encryption to word documents, it can also convert them to pdf for online viewing and apply a highly secure password wall to password protect word document -

  1. Upload your word document (.doc, .docx) in the upload area above
  2. The tool will create a gated link to access the file
  3. Open link in browser & enter the password to see or download the word document in browser

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