Password protected file link generator (COMING SOON)

Password protect your files by converting them to secure & powerful links. Works for PDFs, Excel Sheets, Word Documents, ZIP files, CSV files, PPTs, EXEs or literally any other type of file format.

Can be done in 3 simple steps -
1. Upload you file below
2. Enter a password
3. Get the password protected link
4. (Optional) Sign-up to get analytics and much more control

The tool is COMING SOON. Keep checking this space for next few weeks.

  • password protect PDFs in 3 easy steps


    Detailed steps on using the tool to password protect PDFs

    This tool allows you to password protect your documents by converting it into a powerful link. To illustrate, we will show you how to password protect a PDF in few simple steps. We will use this tool to upload a PDF file, set a password and generate & preview a link that can be shared with anyone.
    Follow the 3 steps below -

    Step 1 - Uploading PDF: Click on the Upload File button above and locate any PDF in your local drive.
    Step 2 - Setting Password: As soon as your PDF is uploaded, the screen will change and you can add a password. Re-enter the same password in the confirm box. This is necessary to ensure that you don;’t forget your password.
    Step 3 - The screen will now show you a link that you can copy. Open a different window and access that link. The PDF will render in the browser itself. This is your password protected PDF.
    Step 4 (Optional) - Enter your email in the box right below the copy link button. This will create your free account through which you can access analytics for this link, change the password, disable download, set link expiry and much more. You can literally password protect PDFs for free.

  • Upcoming enhancements in password protect file link generator


    Upcoming updates in the tool

    We are planning to add folder sharing, multi-file sharing & cloud storage file sharing to this tool in the future.

    Cloud Storage Import: Pick directly files from your favorite cloud storages including Google Drive, OneDrive, Box or Dropbox. The viewer works equally well for the files stored in these drives.
    Folder Sharing: Single click folder-sharing for any folder you might have on your local or cloud drives. Upload the whole whole and get a password protected folder link to share with your users.
    Multi-File Sharing: Want to share files stored at different places as a single link? Pick multiple files from a variety of sources including local as well as cloud drives and create a CloudFiles dataroom in a few easy steps. Datarooms allow you to organize, group, share & request files from your clients.

  • The tools works to password protect excel sheets, pdfs, word documents, zip files, ppts and everything other type of file.


    Password protecting Excel Sheets, Word Documents, ZIP Files, PDFs and everything else...

    Although we illustrated how to add password to PDF, you can use this tool to password protect literally any type of file. This includes password protecting excel sheets, word documents, zip files, PPTs, ... There are certain considerations when it comes to how certain types of files are going to be shown when the links are accessed.

    Your links are rendered through an app called CloudFiles. We divide all the files in the world into 2 types. The ones we can render, and the ones we can’t.

    Renderable Files: CloudFiles’ proprietary viewer that is used to access the generated link can render PDFs, Word Documents, Excel Sheets, PPTs, EPUBs, Images, Google Docs and a few other similar formats. This gives you specialized rendering for your password protected excel sheets, word documents, PDF files and few others. In the future we have plans to include others such as password protected zip files, videos, specialized image viewer etc... You can do sheet-by-sheet time tracking in addition to password protecting excels. The same applies to password protected zip files

    Non-Renderable Files: There are still other types of files that we can’t render on a web browser (in some cases it does not even make sense). These include ZIPs, EXEs, KITs, PSDs, etc... For the files we cannot render, your file link acts as a direct download link. You can thus password protect your downloads as well using this tool.

  • a way to send documents securely via email clients such as Gmail, Outlook etc...


    A way to send documents securely via email clients such as Gmail, Outlook etc...

    If you have ever doubted the security of email attachments, we are sure you have wondered how to send documents securely via email Different people have different preferences about how they want to share a document. Email attachments of course is one of the largest mediums. However as soon as you send a file as an attachment, you lose all control & visibility into it. You lsoe it’s ownership.

    Sharing files as links is a much better and secure way to send email attachments. Moreover, you can enable a bunch of other security settigns on your document. This includes disabling download, setting link expiry, requiring email authentication, tracking analytics and automating your processes using CRMs.

  • A word of caution about encrypted PDFs


    A word of caution about encrypted PDFs

    While it is worth asking how to encrypt a pdf file for an email, unfortunately, even the best of encrypted PDFs can be broken.

    Password protecting documents through links SaaS applications on the other hand have dedicated teams working on uncovering & improving features of the application. Security is always on top of the mind to employing a SaaS app to maintain your data is equivalent to hiring a dedicated team. Adherence to various compliances such as GDPR, SOC2 etc... and using popular & secure platforms to store data such as S3 provides a natural layer of security to your files that static encrypted PDFs can never provide.

    It might make sense to employ these organizations rather than encrypting pdfs for emails.

  • CloudFiles is a file sharing tool that turns your files into powerful & secure links


    What is CloudFiles?

    CloudFIles makes it simple to share files. Turn any file into a link, enable security settings on the link and share with the world. Collect detailed analytics on your documents and connect this analytics with your systems to automate processes. CloudFIles can do much more than password protect PDFs. You can sign-up for a free account. This allows you to not only password protect PDFs for free but do much much more...

    The tools can improve conversion efficiency of sales teams that send large number of proposals or pitches. It can also improve campaign efficiency by providing a way to qualify leads based on engagement rather simpler metrics such as link clicks or opens. Finally the app can simply service team workflows by providing datarooms, a way to share multiple files and even request files from the clients.